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    Signing of MoU between BCM and Oxford Business Group, Feb 2014

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    December 2013, New member companies representatives

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    Best company of the year 2013, MSM Co,.Ltd, from left side: B.Byambasaikhan, Chairman of BCM, David Reiner, CEO at MSM Co., LTD, Jim Dwyer, Executive Director of BCM

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    BCM Board Director's meeting, February 2014

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    BCM meeting with former British PM Tony Blair, March 20, 2014, from left side: Ch.Saikhanbileg, Member of Parliament, Arshad Sayed, President, Peabody Mongolia & India, Former British PM Tony Blair

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    BCM Football Cup, July 2013

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    February  2014, New member companies representatives

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    International Coal Investors Conference and Exhibition "COAL MONGOLIA-2014"

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    Signing of MoU between BCM and Invest Mongolia Agency, March 2014, S.Javkhlanbaatar, Director of Invest Mongolia Agency, B.Byambasaikhan, Chairman, Business Council of Mongolia

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    BCM admin team, at the 6th year anniversary, Nov 2013


BCM supports passing of the Draft Securities Law in this Parliament Session

We are forwarding the attached Open Letter with Mongolian translation (non-official) from Mr. Bill Gorman who has completed his assignment at the MSE for the London Stock Exchange.
BCM strongly supports the passing of the draft Securities Law in this session of Parliament.  The MSE's development urgently requires this legislation on a timely basis.
Dear Ministers, Government officials and others interested in the Mongolian Securities Market's modernization,
As I depart Mongolia, I feel duty bound to state that I strongly believe that successful and timely privatization of Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi (ETT) is dependent upon a proper Securities Markets law being promulgated by the current Parliament. My rationale is noted below. I have taken the liberty of copying those parties who have expressed interest in the draft law.

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